American green card: how to get it. Do you qualify? [2023]

american green card

How to get an American green card is not an easy task, but it is possible.

We’ve all heard of it, but do you know exactly what it is?

It is a precious pearl: a permanent resident card that allows you to move and work freely in the United States, without having to apply for a visa.

The Green Card offers the same rights as an American citizen, except the right to vote.

What is the Green Card?

The Green Card is simply a permanent resident card in the United States.

It is an identification document for non-American citizens, issued by the United States Department of State.

The Green Card offers the same rights and duties as an American citizen and makes your life as an expatriate in the USA easier.

As an American citizen, you are required to obey the law and pay your taxes.

However, privileges are available only to US citizens, such as the right to vote or the ability to serve on a juror.

Likewise, unlike nationals who are not required to have an identity document with them, you must carry your resident card in order to be able to show it at any time in the case of an identity verification.

The Green Card gives you the right to stay and exercise a professional activity or study in the American territory, but not only. Your permanent resident card will make it easier to apply for scholarships for your children.

Even if you do not receive a scholarship, your permanent resident status allows you to benefit from much lower university tuition fees.

American Green Card how to get?

You will understand that the Green Card is the real way to live in the United States and then be able to claim American nationality.

So, how do you get this famous American Green Card?


The easiest way to obtain a Green Card is to marry an American citizen. To limit marriages, the authorities issue a temporary Green card for the first two years of marriage and then a permanent resident card after that period.

It is not granted automatically. The spouses go through an interview with an immigration officer charged with assessing the legitimacy of the marriage.


The other alternative to obtaining the American Green Card is the sponsorship of a family member who is already an American citizen or holder of a Green Card.

A 21-year-old American citizen can initiate a Green Card request for a family member.

The procedure is more or less long, depending on the family relationship between the American citizen and the person who wishes to become a permanent resident of the United States.


Work is one of the keys to success in the United States, and this is also confirmed for the Green Card.

In fact, it is possible that your Green Card order is sponsored by an employer.

In this case, it is necessary to prove that the candidate is the only one qualified for the position stipulated in the job offer and that his recruitment will not have a negative impact on the American labor market.

For this, a verification called Labor Certification is performed by the Department of Labor through the labor certification procedure.

Within this context, it is important for all business owners to consider opening a company in the USA.

A good part begins to work in Brazil, and to improve sales they use resources to serve more and better.

One is to use WhatsApp business on one more pc. This procedure is possible to be performed and may help to leverage the sales of your American business.


Certainly, the least complicated solution, but also the most uncertain!

Each year, the United States issues nearly 55,000 green cards through a tie. This lottery is free and open to all citizens of the world.

However, each year, there may be a restriction for certain countries that, during the previous draw, saw quite a large number of their nationals obtain a Green Card. This is done to better preserve cultural diversity.

To participate in this lottery, just go to the official website and fill out the registration form.

Beware, beware of unofficial sites that offer control of the pay lottery.

These steps can be fraud, especially if financial compensation is requested in return.

These are the information regarding how to get your American Green card.

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