Success Story: Ultramedic

Created in 2002, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Ultramedic is a company specialized in veterinary diagnostic imaging equipment. It has been almost two decades being a reference in the industry and growing like never before.

In 2019, Samir Farah, CEO of Ultramedic, saw the internationalization of his company as an opportunity to diversify its revenues.

So, it made sense for Samir to take that next step.

Do not depend financially only on Brazil, even if Ultramedic was growing more and more in the country.

Choosing Red

“It is impossible to internationalize a company alone. So, I started looking for companies that could help me with this dream and, among several companies, Red gave me the fastest return. ”

Samir Farah

First impression remains. Thinking about it, Red Consulting does its best so that, in the first contact with us, customers take away any and all doubts they have.

It was no different with Ultramedic, which was fundamental to give Samir security in putting this very important process in our hands.

“Opening a company in the USA is a huge challenge. Whether by culture or different languages. So I chose who really understands the subject. ”

Samir Farah

It really is not an easy process, but with the right support, it sure becomes easier.

Red Consulting puts safety and responsibility first for your dream to come true.

Ultramedic is one of the 300 companies and people that Red has helped to take the next big step towards the United States.

Another successful case that shows how committed we are to making dreams come true and we are very proud of it.

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