How to Buy Amazon USA: Complete Guide ( 2023)


How to buy Amazon USA? It is a question that many Brazilians are asking, the variety of products that Amazon has goes beyond the products that are available in the Brazilian store. 

There is a version of Amazon for the United States, with several products that are not available in the Brazilian site, and that you can buy normally through them through your Brazilian account, as long as the seller ships to Brazil. 

But buying from Amazon pays tax? Here you will know how to do this, and will receive several tips on how to make your purchases.

How to Buy Amazon USA: Step-by-Step

How to Buy Amazon USA
  • Open Amazon’s website and log in with your Brazilian account;
  • Go to the bottom of the page and choose the Amazon USA site;

It may not seem like anything has changed, because the page will still be in Portuguese, but you will see an icon with the US flag next to the search bar, and the cart will also look different.

  • Make sure your shipping address in Brazil is filled in correctly. You can see it on Amazon’s home page (“Ship To”);
  • Search for the products you want. The items will appear with the price already in reais. All products that have “Shipping to Brazil” below the value can be shipped by Amazon from the USA.
  • Go to the product page of the product you want. The pages for items marked “Shipped to Brazil” already show the estimated taxes, duties, and customs fees.


Although shopping on Amazon US is very easy, the taxes and fees can be high. Before buying from Amazon US compare with the price of the product on Amazon Brazil.

When you do a search on Amazon USA, the results show the value of the product in Reais. However, there are still taxes to be added to that amount, plus shipping.

To know the value of taxes and fees, you should go to the product page, and check the estimate just above the “Add to cart” icon. There will appear the value of taxes and shipping.


If you finalize the purchase, the carrier uses the amount estimated by Amazon to pay the Import Tax on Foreign Products on your behalf or on behalf of the recipient to the competent authorities in Brazil (“Deposit of Import Tax on Foreign Products”).

Since buying Amazon USA, makes an estimate of the amount of taxes and duties, the final amount may vary. These amounts are calculated according to the customs regulations of the shipping destination.

If the final tax is less than the deposit collected by Amazon, the company will automatically refund the difference in the payment method that the customer used for the order.

You will not need to pay extra amounts if the import tax is higher than Amazon USA’s estimated calculation, but for advertised items that do not show the tax rates on the product page, the policies change with each seller.

I recommend that you focus only on buying products that are marked “Shipped to Brazil”, because they already have the tax calculation, without possible surprises in the end.

Opening a store on Amazon’s platform is among the most promising businesses in the United States.

A market research done by a specialized consulting company can help you about business in the USA.

How to Buy Amazon USA: Complete Guide ( 2023) 1

How to buy amazon USA, and checkout

Once you are aware of the fees and shipping you will pay, it is time to finalize your purchase. Follow the steps below to checkout at Amazon American:

  • On the product page of your chosen product, click “Add to cart”;
  • Go to the cart and select “Close Order”;
  • Choose an existing shipping address or fill in a new address;
  • Choose your delivery option – it may vary according to the product and click “Continue”;
  • Fill in your credit card details and click “Continue”;
  • Add your passport number, CPF or CNPJ for customs clearance;
  • Check your order, address, product value, and taxes. If everything is correct, click on “Place your order in BRL”.

When the package arrives at your residence you pay no more fees.

Is it a good deal to buy from Amazon USA ?

In it you can find several categories of products, great deals, many brands and famous brands.

We can find daily products on offer at Amazon USA, depending on the color or size of the product it can vary greatly in price. In some cases, just change the color and the same product comes out at half the price.

Amazon USA also accepts foreign cards, accepts credit cards and prepaid cards.

You can also open an account in the USA even if you live in Brazil.

Amazon USA also offers warranty against damaged products, so if you buy something defective and the seller does not solve the problem, you can contact Amazon that will solve everything quickly.

Is it possible to buy from amazon without paying tax?

Hiring the service of a redirection company that delivers to Brazil has an advantage. 

The product you buy on Amazon USA, goes to the address of the redirection company with free shipping, and from there the company sends to Brazil, so the Brazilian import tax will not be collected at the time of shipment to Brazil. 

There is nothing wrong or illegal in this practice, there is no such obligation.

This is because it can arrive there in Brazil and actually not be taxed, not needing to pay the import tax.

Knowing this opportunity to How to buy from Amazon USA, have a good shopping experience in this American site so desired by Brazilians.

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How to Buy Amazon USA: Complete Guide ( 2023) 1

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