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Who we are


Dream Realizers

More than a traditional business consulting company in the USA, we are the bridge between you and your project. With our know-how and differentiated service, we support people and companies to realize their dreams on North American soil. Let’s start?

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Supporting Business With Safety and Responsibility

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Companies are run by people and each has their own dreams. More than caring for and supporting entrepreneurs to invest in the USA, we help families and businesses to win in America safely and responsibly.

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How it all started


The beginning

Red Consulting USA, started with the vision of our CEO Juan Caballero, looking for business opportunities at a global level, decided to structure all this from the city of Miami, Florida. Thanks to these efforts, he managed to expand his business and moved with his family to the United States.


The turn

With a strong built base, we specialize in the internationalization of different companies, helping to introduce their products and services to the American market safely and effectively. Strengthening our alliances with different chambers of commerce, managing to design international representations, increasing our level of results, due to the number of clients reached.



With an international presence in more than 10 countries, we have managed to establish high levels of excellence in our services, visualizing the success of our customers every day. Consolidating us as a “Business Developer” company helping to make each of their dreams come true safely, responsibly and with the full conviction that the success of our customers is our success as well.

Our team​

Have the know-how and experience you need to achieve your dreams in the USA.
Find out who makes it happen at Red Consulting USA.

Juan Caballero


Mirlaine Almeida ​


Diego Caballero


Abigail Almeida​


Olga Melo

Accounting Director

Dr. Arturo Zarzar

Medical consultant

José Carlos Güedes

Administrative Logistics Specialist

Margaret Delmont Sanchez

Nonprofit Specialist

Josefina Güedes

Sales Specialist

Maria Victoria Arrighi

Real Estate Specialist

Alberto Monzón Cusinga

Director Red Consulting Perú

Miller P. Almeida

Director Red Consulting Brazil

Mónica Perez

Director Red Consulting Chile

Hernán Prieto

Director Red Consulting China

Ángel Piazza

Director Red Consulting Uruguay

Hugo Saini

Director Red Consulting Argentina

Oscar Lira

Director Red Consulting México

Want to find out how our team can help you realize your American dream?​mericano?