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Doing business in the USA is not an easy task, but if you have the right support, you will achieve your goals. We have great satisfaction in having been the bridge for more than 300 companies and people to realize their international dreams.  Red Consulting takes care of every stage and every detail of your journey towards a new world full of challenges and great opportunities. For more than a decade, your American Dream is in good hands.

Our Clients

About Us


Support companies and people with ethics and responsibility to achieve success in the American market in a structured and safe way.


To be the highest authority in advising business and personal projects globally.


All our work is carried out on 3 fundamental pillars: Excellence, Responsibility and Agility.

Who lived the experience says it like this...

"In my first contact with Red Consulting all my doubts were resolved. Beyond the personalized support. That brought me firmness and enough security so that I could continue in the internationalization process of my beverage company."

alexandre santos
Alexandre Santos
CEO - Acqua Única in USA

Do you want to know everything about to do business in the USA firsthand?

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