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Learn how to do business and invest in the USA


Know, before venturing

Many of the entrepreneurs who choose to undertake in the USA are already successful in their Country of Origin.

The funny thing is that: not because you are successful in your country, that guarantees that you can replicate it with extreme ease in the USA.

The ego has damaged many businesses. That is why we decided to create courses and educational presentations to show you step by step how to invest or undertake in the USA and thus reduce risks.

This is your opportunity to learn all that with those who already live in their day to day. From whom I have already erred and can help you not to make the same mistakes.

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More than teaching, it is showing how to do it in practice.

faturando nos EUA

Our courses and presentations help hundreds of people throughout the year how to undertake safely and responsibly in the USA.

Our mission is to impact as many entrepreneurs as possible and thus promote entrepreneurship in the United States.

Get to know some of the content delivered:

American Laws
Company types
Best businesses to invest
American-style marketing
Impact networking

Meet some of our trainings


Online course, where you will discover step by step how to do business in the USA safely and responsibly. In this course you will have access not only to classes with Juan Caballero, but with several professionals, from accountants to marketing specialists, who will give you clarity throughout the process.


Face-to-face lecture that annually brings together several entrepreneurs who wish to do business and invest in the USA.

The speaker

Get to know Juan Caballero a little and his history.

Is growing and thriving in the USA easy? No way! But, yes, it is possible.

Over more than 12 years of experience in the American market, I discovered that to win safely and responsibly you need humility, persistence and faith.

Good contacts and expert help will help you to shorten the process, but know that winning here requires work, but a lot of work.

I wish you success on your journey.

Degree in International Trade. He has 12 years of experience in the American market and commercial presence in more than 10 countries.

He achieved his American dream with a lot of sweat and work, and today he offers his family more quality of life living legally (Green Card) in the USA.


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