[2022] Checking accounts in the USA: BB Americas: questions answered


Many business owners are interested in starting a business in the United States, as it is a country of great development possibilities. 

In order for your business to be successful in the USA, it is necessary to have an account in a bank there.

This way you will be able to make transactions and use other services smoothly, there are many possibilities that an account abroad can provide you with.

In this article we will bring you information about how to open a checking account in the USA, especially at Bb Americas.

What is BB Americas?

bb americas

BB Americas is a subsidiary of Banco do Brasil, it is an excellent option for Brazilian entrepreneurs who do business in the United States.

Especially if they prefer to receive their business in dollars.

BB Americas offers certain ease to open a checking account in the USA, the person interested only needs to have in his/her hands some documents and a certain amount to deposit.

It is the bank of choice of many Brazilian businessmen, for having the system interconnected with Banco do Brasil to make interchangeable remittances, just this service.

Because the sending rates are lower and the transfer rate has a differential price for clients who have an account at Banco do Brasil.

It is the bank in which many entrepreneurs choose to start their business in the USA.

We point out that although the logo is the same, BB Americas is different.

It is not a requirement to have an account with Banco do Brasil to open an account, and even if you are in debt with the bank in Brazil, you can open an account with BB Americas.

BB Americas: How to open your account

It is possible to have a checking account in the USA even if you live in Brazil.

Below we will talk about what is necessary in the process of opening an account.

If you are an account holder at Banco do Brasil, the process of opening an account is a little faster, since you will only need to enter the Banco do Brasil Americas website and fill out a form.

After this, a member of the service team will contact you to ask you for the necessary documents and offer you the bank’s services.

You will have to make an initial deposit, in an amount of $10,000, this can be distributed among the products offered, or if you prefer, invested in the limit for a credit card.

For this process it is necessary to be an account holder of banco do brasil for at least 3 months. 

This way we are talking about is the online account opening way, next we will explain the way to open a current account in the USA in person.

You will receive your card at your address in Brazil, and if you prefer you can transfer your money to your account in Brazil without any complications. 

Please note that the documents required vary from bank to bank in the USA.

Generally at Banco do Brasil Americas the documents that are necessary to open a current account in the USA in person are: 

  • Passport 
  • Visa
  • Proof of residence in Brazil.
  • An amount of deposit, of at least 3 thousand dollars.

 Keep an eye on the opening hours of the branches and follow the recommendations on the official website.

In any process of opening a checking account in the USA it is necessary to leave an amount in the account, so you do not have to pay an account maintenance fee.

Is BB Americas safe?

Yes, because many banks stick to a more traditional method in this process, whereas Banco do Brasil Americas offers two ways: in-person and online.

And a digital account has offered much more peace of mind to its customers.

This bank is often chosen by Brazilian entrepreneurs who want to open their company in the US.

BB Americas phone

The contact for the call center in the USA is +1-855-377-2555.

For Brazil, in capitals and metropolitan region the contact phone number is 4003-1448.

For general questions, you can send an e-mail to the bank, it is available on the BB Americas contact page

Is Bb Americas worth it?

Among the main services available are:

  • Opening a checking account
  • International credit card
  • International funds transfer
  • Vehicle financing

Among many other services, you can check the Banco do Brasil Americas site.

BB Americas rates

There is no charge for withdrawals from BB Americas ATMs or the partner networks.

For withdrawals outside the network the fee is $3.00

For domestic and international transfer fees, the fees are priced differently. The official BB Americas website offers more detailed information.

Is BB Americas worth it?

First, Banco do Brasil Americas offers the online account opening method.

The site has Portuguese translation, and has a contact number for Brazil.

You can also make transfers from BB Brasil to BB Americas via computer, all in a practical and fast way.

The transfer amount is 12,000 dollars per month, in this online mode, for larger amounts you will need to go to a branch of Banco do Brasil.

Banco do Brasil Americas has one of the largest ATM networks in the United States. 

If you travel a lot, you can make your withdrawals free of charge. 

The site has a very rich FAQ page for you to explore and also has a Youtube channel with videos in Portuguese and English to inform you on simple questions.    

The site is very easy to use and accessible.

Do you want to have a checking account in the USA through BB Americas? Leave a comment and share your opinion and ideas with us and our readers!

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