[2023] Brazilian Consulate Miami: Learn about all services


If you have ever needed the services of the Brazilian consulate Miami you must have some idea of how important this institution is for people from Brazil who are traveling in the USA (Florida, mainly).

In this article we will introduce you to the services that the Brazilian consulate in Miami offers, as well as show you what to do in the main challenging cases that make you need to seek the entity.

Read on.

What is the Brazilian Consulate Miami?

Brazilian Consulate Miami

Like any other, the Brazilian Consulate Miami is a representative entity of the Brazilian nation, which aims to provide support for people from Brazil who are in the United States.

The Brazilian Consulate Miami has jurisdiction over the following locations:

  • Flórida;
  • Costa Rica;
  • British Virgin Islands.

You should look for the Brazilian Consulate Miami if this is the case:

  • Have your travel documents lost;
  • Need to have documents notarized;
  • Need to make powers of attorney;
  • Need registration documents, such as marriage documents;
  • For any support needs during your trip.

Many times, Brazilians go through eccentric or unusual occasions or circumstances.

In these cases it is also recommended to contact the Brazilian Consulate Miami to be advised on how to proceed.

Brazilian Consulate Miami: Phone

The phone number of the Brazilian Consulate Miami is currently +1(305)285-6200.

However, you can contact the on-call service of the Brazilian Consulate in Miami in case of a serious emergency. Quote:

  • Urgent Hospitalization;
  • Arrests;
  • Deaths.

In this case, please contact this number: +1(305)342-6727.

It is worth mentioning that this second phone number is only available on call, which is activated on weekends, holidays, and outside normal business hours of the Brazilian Consulate Miami.

Brazilian Consulate Miami: Passport

The services of the Brazilian Consulate Miami regarding Passports should be requested preferably through this e-mail: [email protected].

The other (remaining) consular services, including the scheduling system, should be sent through this other e-mail: [email protected].

In this specific e-mail you can get direct contact with the Consul General of the Brazilian Consulate in Miami: [email protected].

As the Brazilian Consulate in Miami offers several services, several sectors were defined. Here are the contacts for the main sectors:

Besides these contacts, there is also the contact of NAB – Center for Assistance to Brazilians: [email protected].

Brazilian Consulate Miami: Services

You can make several requests for various services at the Brazilian Consulate Miami.

The request for consular services in person or by mail must be made through the entity’s website.

Let’s get to know the services.

The most sought after service is the reissuance of a passport (lost document).

If you are looking for information on how to live in the United States and if something should happen to your passport, this service at the Consulate will be of great help.

It is possible to do this and several other services through the Post Office. For this you need:

  • Go to the appointment page to start your application;
  • Be validated by the Consulate, you can choose the “mail delivery” option. See list below:
  • Passport ;
  • Passport for minors;
  • Consular Registration Card (CMC);
  • Duplicate copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates;
  • 2nd copy of Powers of Attorney issued by the consulate;
  • Acknowledgement of signatures for Brazilians and/or foreigners who hold an RNE (as long as the signature has been previously registered in the Consulate);
  • Authenticated copy;
  • Certificate of residence (except for minors): this service requires presentation of the original and copy of a valid passport or valid Brazilian ID. The cost of the service is $15 and can only be paid via “Money Order”.
[2023] Brazilian Consulate Miami: Learn about all services 1

There are, however, services that can NOT be ordered by mail, see:

  • Birth Registration;
  • Marriage Register;
  • Death Registration;
  • Public Power of Attorney (including for INSS);
  • Voter’s Registration Card;
  • Military Documents;
  • Declaration;
  • Military discharge;
  • Public Deed
  • Acknowledgement of Signatures for Brazilians and/or foreigners with RNE – 1st registration at the Consulate;
  • FGTS Withdrawals – Exclusively through the Internet;
  • CPF – Exclusively through the Internet;
  • Certificate of life* and Travel Authorization for minors*;

According to the consulate’s own website: “If it is impossible to appear in person, the service can be made through a form signed before a notary public of the jurisdiction and apostilled by the American authorities. After this procedure, the document will be considered valid in Brazil.”

It is worth noting that services ordered by mail must also be validated in advance by the e-consular system.

This is done to avoid sending incomplete documents, saving time, money, and wear and tear for everyone involved.

Other important information can be found on the official website of the Brazilian Consulate of Miami:

  1. “Money Order from the US Postal Service (USPS) is the only form of payment accepted, no other.
  2. The Consulate General does not accept orders from other companies (such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, for example).
  3. The responsibility for lost mail from the US Postal Service does not lie with the Consulate General.


This document is usually requested to guarantee rights related to retirement and social security.

Abroad, the retiree or pensioner has three options for proving this:

  1. In person at the Consulate: To schedule an appointment, you must go to https://ec-miami.itamaraty.gov.br.
  2. Apostille (it is not necessary to go to the Consulate): They have prepared a step-by-step procedure to make the certificate of life by apostille.
  3. My INSS” Application: The INSS made the application “Meu INSS”, which allows, among others, the citizen to perform the digital proof of life by facial recognition using the camera of the mobile device. This is a pilot project that may not be available to everyone.

There is a video tutorial on how to make the certificate (proof of life) through the application.

There are people who need to prove it at the social security institutes (or have pending issues to resolve).

In these cases, the service at the Consulate must be scheduled through the e-consular.

[2023] Brazilian Consulate Miami: Learn about all services 1

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