Businesses in the United States that you don’t have in Brazil: Tips for investing (2023)


If you are looking for businesses in the United States that you don’t have in Brazil, you need to get ready for the new economy, driven and leveraged by the social and economic restrictions brought by the new coronavirus pandemic.

In this article you will learn about the businesses in the United States that are not available in Brazil yet, and you will also get to know great opportunities that will be booming in the USA in 2021. Read on.

Businesses in the United States that you don’t have in Brazil 

Businesses in the United States that you don't have in Brazil


We have no news of this market being explored in Brazil, yet.

Cybercrime has always existed, but with the increase in globalization and the world population increasing the number of connected users every year due to the pandemic, we see a huge increase in fraud and online attacks.

Web security has become a profitable and promising business opportunity.

The United States has always invested in professionals in this field in order to certify the quality of the information security of its systems, as well as to detect flaws and errors in online security.

Ethical hacking works like a hired attack, where it exploits the loopholes in the contracting systems in order to prevent major attacks or larger invasions.


The PET market is worldwide, and Brazil, just like the United States of America, has a passion for dogs. But there is a market created within this world that has not yet been registered in Brazil, which is the professional in dog walking.

The number of people with dogs is only increasing, so the PET-based business will only leverage from now on.

Taking walks with other people’s dogs is a business that works very well in the big cities of the United States. There are people who make a living out of it, taking from 1 to 5 dogs together per round of work (in the US, the pay is almost always calculated in hours).

Usually the American people are attached to their jobs (they are ‘workaholics’), so it is common for them to hire this kind of service to fight the anxiety and loneliness that they may let their animals live for a period of time.

There are websites in the USA known for getting jobs in this area, we can cite Rover and BarklyPets as examples.

There are great advantages of opening a business in the United States, to start this process, a specialized consulting company must be hired.

Businesses in the United States that you don't have in Brazil: Tips for investing (2023) 1


Revenue from 2020 to 2021 in online business (online stores, e-commerce) within the United States of America alone was $183,000,000,000 (one hundred and eighty-three billion), according to Adobe.

The USA founded the business model with sales from the Internet. There everyone buys over the internet, and this is growing now in Brazil.

One business that there is not in Brazil is to be in the back of these e-commerces in the USA. Despite this, let’s mention the largest e-commerce on the planet, Amazon.

Amazon’s undeniable presence has created a heated dispute for small businesses. The Distribution Center business model in the USA comes to solve this, understand how now.

Having a distribution center allows you to be the outsourced warehouse for small businesses, who can receive your products shipped to them, and then distribute and store them for you.

Put simply, this would be the logistics of stocking, receiving and shipping the sales of small business online stores.

Owners of small online businesses want to worry only about the sales and marketing related issues (traffic, digital media management and so on), thus eliminating the worries of physical management of their product items. This is a sure market for revenue within the USA.

The great business opportunities are one of the reasons why many Brazilian entrepreneurs want to live in the United States.


We usually say that robots will replace humans, but in Brazil this is still fiction, we don’t see this in real life.

But in the USA it is quite different. Things are advanced there. Can you imagine how many large companies need to pay salaries and other related costs for their executives’ assistants?

The problem is that, almost always, the assistants don’t have that much demand, being idle in most of their services (the executives above them are the ones who provide the demand).

The fact is that this profession (executive assistants) is already having its days counted in the United States. 

Intelligent Digital Personal Assistants are the invention that the rise and growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought to end the human profession.

You can own a company that develops intelligent assistants for executives, implementing pertinent functions such as appointment reminders, calendar, call processing, meeting time reservations, air travel, document print management, etc.


The electric car market in Brazil doesn’t exist yet, perhaps because it doesn’t interest many who are in power, do you agree? But the United States has another mentality, “if we allow the money to roll in the hands of the American people, they will make the economy roll”.

And it seems that the American essence benefits the people there more than Brazil’s political structure does for us Brazilians.

It turns out that electric cars need electric parts just as mechanical cars need mechanical spare parts.

The giant TESLA created the initial flood of demand for parts, and now we see other manufacturers starting to invest in this market that is sure to take over the space of fossil fuel-powered cars.

To enter the electric car market you need a lot of knowledge about them, as well as knowing the possible modifications and replacement parts that electric car drivers in the USA need and are looking for today.

It is a difficult market because it is pioneering, but whoever comes out ahead will become a multimillionaire (billionaire, why not?).

So, which of these opportunities did you not know about? Which of these booming businesses in USA 2021 did you like the most? Comment below!

Businesses in the United States that you don't have in Brazil: Tips for investing (2023) 1

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