Invoice What It Is: Find Out Everything Now (With Examples 2022)


If you want to conduct business internationally, understanding about invoice what it is, and how it works can make the process of closing deals easier.

Invoice is a title that certifies the sale of a product or service to a foreign customer. Just as in an invoice, the person who is selling the products or services informs the data along with the values.

In this article we will talk about the essentials of invoice what it is.

What is an international invoice?



An international invoice is an English term, which is equivalent to an invoice, a document that proves the purchase of an international product, which sets up international business.

What should be in an invoice?



To have a good relationship with the client, it is necessary to create processes to professionalize this relationship. The invoice, which is a way to certify a service rendered or the sale of a product.

For it to be done the right way, there are rules to be followed, some of them are:

  • Description;
  • Value;
  • Name of those involved (service provider and customer);
  • Issue and validity dates;
  • Payment methods.

As you can see in the example below:

Invoice O Que É: Descubra Tudo Agora (Com Exemplos 2021) 2



When does the invoice need to be issued?


The invoice only needs to be transmitted when there is a commercial transfer between different countries, this means when an international commercial relationship occurs, with the aim of importing or exporting a product or service.

The document can be issued in the language of the service acquirer, or in a neutral language, such as English. This issue needs to have 3 equal copies, which need to be duly stamped and signed, to provide more legal security for both parties.

However, although it is recommended to issue the document, regardless of the value, in some cases, transactions under 3 thousand dollars are not mandatory, but it is recommended that it be issued to bring more security to the process.

The international market is very rigid, and this information needs to be properly filled out, as well as being a way to offer security to the client who purchased the product or service.

If you intend to start and maintain an international business relationship, you will need to issue an invoice to your customer.

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