L1 Visa : Requirements and How to Apply. Do You Qualify?


There is a saying that “information is power” and for those who want to change their life there is nothing truer than that saying. Therefore, we decided to give you some tips on what you need to know before applying for an L1 visa, also known as an executive visa or temporary work visa.

Therefore, we decided to give you some tips on what you need to know before applying for an L1 visa, also known as an executive visa or temporary work visa.

Read on and find out what the L1 visa is, what types are available, its cost and the benefits of obtaining it.

To make your reading easier, we have prepared a list of topics:

1. What is the L1 visa?

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The L1 visa allows employees of foreign companies, who have a branch in the United States, to enter to work in the country.

It is common for executives who have been relocated to the United States. enter the nation thanks to this visa.

Generally, processing of this visa takes between one and four months, however, it can be accelerated by paying an extra fee to the Immigration Department.

2. Types of L1 visas


The L1-A visa allows an employer in the USA to bring an executive or manager to the country.

The foreign company may have an affiliated office in this country, or the person may be transferred with the intention of establishing it.

This visa will be granted to those who have been sent to supervise people or processes.

It is necessary that the person occupies a managerial position in his / her country of origin and must be able to perform a similar position in the USA.

It is also important that the reason for the transfer is well justified, as this will facilitate the processing of the visa.

To learn more, visit the US Department of Immigration Services website.


For those who want to create a branch of your company, the visa lasts about 1 year.

For those who will work at an existing branch, the visa lasts for 3 years.

If you need a stay extension, you can be granted from 2 years up to 7 years.


This visa allows a US employer to transfer a professional from his work team, from an overseas branch to one of his US offices.

If the company does not yet have an office established in the North American country, this professional can be sent in order to open a new headquarters.

The L1-B visa is granted to those who have specialized knowledge about the company’s products or processes mentioned in the process.

To learn more, visit the US Department of Immigration Services website.


The duration of the L1-B and L1-A visa is the same: between 1 to 3 years, depending on the case.

But, unlike A, the extent of L1-B can be maximized for 5 years.

3. Basic requirements

The employee must have worked in the company of the country of origin, for at least one continuous year and in the three years preceding his candidacy, occupying an executive, managerial position or demonstrating specialized knowledge.


Obtaining this visa depends on the characteristics of the company of origin. This must be recorded and active, in addition to having a considerable structure of employees.

Contact us to find out if your company meets the basic requirements for applying for an L1 visa for any of your employees.

4. Cost of the L1 visa:

All persons opting for this visa must pay the $ 190 DS-160 fee generated by each applicant.

In addition to all other costs related to the procedure, according to the profile of the visa applicant.

5. Benefits

Entering the United States on a temporary work visa offers great benefits for you and your family, check out some below:

  • You can enter and leave the USA whenever you want, within the established rules.
  • The L1 visa allows the family, spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 to live with the applicant.
  • The visa holder and his / her spouse can work, study and live in the USA legally. Children, on the other hand, only have the right to study in the country.
  • The applicant and their family members have the option to choose to reside in the USA in approximately 2 ½ years, if they meet the requirements established by immigration.
  • The L1 visa allows you to manage multiple requests on behalf of the same company.

6. Next step: opening a company in the USA

Now that you know how the L1 visa works, the next step is to find out more in depth how the process of starting a business in the USA works.

Entrepreneurship in the USA is a great challenge for those who want to expand their business and / or internationalize their products or services.

Despite being a highly competitive market, yes, it is possible to succeed.

In fact, some factors must be taken into account for your project to be successful.

We hope that this content has helped to provide more clarity in the next steps to follow.
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