[2023] Piquet Law Firm: Is it reliable? Learn all about


If you live in Florida and are in need of legal support, you have probably heard of the Piquet Law Firm, a very reputable law firm.

The Piquet Law Firm is becoming more consolidated every day as a firm active in the immigration, real estate, corporate, and tax law in Florida. Piquet Law Firm’s founder is attorney Alexandre Piquet.

It is famous for giving differentiated treatment to its clients, whether they are foreigners or not, but how to know if this company is really serious? Reliable? If you need to know more about Piquet Law Firm and clear your doubts here is the right place

What services does Piquet Law Firm provide

piquet law firm

Piquet Law Firm is a law firm incorporated in Florida, providing legal assistance services in the Areas of:

  •  Real Estate Law
  • Business
  • Tax
  •  Immigration 
  •  Litigation

The office, in Miami, has a team of Brazilian lawyers trained and licensed in the USA, with great experience in assisting clients from Brazil, and other countries in Latin America and Europe, who have established themselves or are willing to establish businesses or residences in the United States.


The Piquet Law Firm has lawyers prepared to assist its clients in several languages, such as:

  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, so we have a cultural diversity for each client.

Who is responsible for the Piquet Law Firm?

The Piquet Law Firm is represented by its founder, attorney Alexandre Piquet.

Alexandre Piquet is an internationally renowned attorney with over twenty years of legal experience and comprehensive solutions for clients in the areas of international transnational business transactions, as well as commercial, corporate, real estate and immigration law in the United States.

He holds a law degree from Milton Campos Law School in Brazil and a Juris Doctor degree from Saint Thomas University School of Law in the United States.

He has taken several courses on International and Comparative Law at the Maria Cristina University in Spain.

In addition, he has served as an assistant professor at the University of Saint Thomas and as an instructor of Portuguese for the Special Forces of the United States Air Force.


Throughout his career, he has participated in numerous prestigious national and international organizations:

  • including his license as a member of the Florida Bar,
  •  Member of the American Bar Association, Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), 
  • Member of Saint Thomas University Law Review,
  •  Director of the Board of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, 
  • Chairman of the Miami Advisory Board of BrazilFoundation, 
  • Member of the Rotary Club of Coral Gables, 
  • Member of Lawyers of Distinction,
  • Member of the Kids in Distress Young Professionals Group, and Member of the Board of Lide USA1.


In recognition for his brilliant career, Alexandre Piquet has received several honors and awards, some of them are:

  • Certificates of Appreciation from the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017),
  • Immigration Lawyer of the Year Award (2016), 
  • Certificate of Appreciation – Paraná Commercial Association,
  •  Business Press Award (2017) 
  • Distinguished Lawyers Award (2017)

Getting to know the Piquet Law Firm

Piquet Law Firm completed 11 years of existence in 2021. Winning several awards throughout the years.

The Piquet Law Firm in Miami recently received the Real Estate Law – an important award promoted annually by the International Advisory Experts, a global alliance of legal, financial, tax, and consulting firms that pays tribute to firms that have succeeded in their fields. 

Piquet law firm is increasingly focused not only on immigration, but also on real estate and business.

Piquet Law Firm is a “Title Company” (a company involved in the examination and insurance of title claims for real estate purposes) for the entire state of Florida.

In addition, our work as escrow & closing agents (real estate professionals who assist the buyer, seller and lender in completing the sale of property) extends to over 53 banks and real estate agents in Miami and Orlando.

Does Piquet Law Firm have experience in advising foreign investors?

With 21,000 clients of 35 different nationalities, has earned $1.3 billion in advised real estate transactions.

It has 2,200 companies implemented and represented, received 14 legal awards in the USA, with 185 lectures and seminars held.

The Piquet Law Firm accumulates experience in advising foreign investors living or doing business in the US.

Besides the already well known immigration practice, it is also very strong in real estate, corporate and tax law.


Despite the current moment that the business world is going through, also affected by the new coronavirus pandemic, lawyer Alexandre Piquet ponders that the United States is still one of the most sought after countries by Brazilians to invest in. 

Despite the temporary closure of borders as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid, Piquet points out that the United States continues to be the best option for business expansion and investment diversification.

“Even with the recent local and global turbulences, we continue to observe a growing demand of Brazilian families who seek Piquet Law Firm wishing to do business, live and work in America,” Alexandre Piquet

If you wish to live in the United States the cost of living is an important factor to take into account.

[2023] Piquet Law Firm: Is it reliable? Learn all about 1

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