SSN(Social Security Number): Complete guide to getting yours


Social Security Number (SSN): Whats is it?

The Social Security Number (SSN) is the social security card of the United States. This document in Brazil is equivalent to the CPF and in fact, it has a function within American life which is to be able to collect funds for retirement.

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Who can get the Social Security Number?

To obtain the SSN, you must be an American citizen, a permanent resident (who has a green card), a temporary worker, have DACA, or students who are working at the English school you are studying at or at the university where you study English.

Au pairs (j-1 visa) are required to take SSN as they will work temporarily in the country. In short, any activity that involves payment, the person will need the Social Security Number to be able to receive and pay taxes due to the government.

Therefore, if you are looking for tourism without any employment, you will not be able to apply for SSN, since it is granted only to those who can work. If the visa is not allowed for you to work, then you cannot have the document.


Within the American laws that can take the SSN are:

  • American citizens
  • Permanent residents (who have a green card)
  • Temporary workers
  • International students who get work at the school or university, or who have OPT (Optical Practical Training), can also apply to make the document upon the request of the institution to which they are linked.

Therefore, any activity that involves payment will require the person to have a number to receive and pay taxes due to the American government. It is also very useful to check the credit score, if you have a request for a credit card or financing at the bank, chances are they will ask for the number to check the score.

SSN(Social Security Number): Complete guide to getting yours

The interview

When scheduling a date for the interview you must go with all the documents and when you arrive at the office, you will remove a password and wait for your turn (it usually takes a while).

You will have two compartments, the first will be documents and forms and the second will answer questions about your stay in the USA.

In order confirmation, inform your address and wait from one week to one month until your Social Security Card arrives at your home.

Do not confuse!

The SSN is not a universal identification because it does not have any photo or digital image of the individual who owns it, in certain cases in financial transactions, such as obtaining credit cards or credit score number, among others, the SSN is like an additional identification.

SNN does not give the authorization to work in the United States.

Be careful!

Identity theft is allegedly an identity thief in the United States and can steal Social Security’s numbers and thus impersonate others to commit fraud and crime as soon as they have a connection with all the individual’s bank accounts.

It is of utmost importance to keep it kept at home with other documents, without carrying it in the wallet only when it is useful. Do not give the Social Security number to anyone.

The importance of SSN

The Social Security Number is being valued more and more because the execution of financial transactions is more and more difficult, although other alternatives are depending on the case. Also, employers demand the number, and thus it is impossible to get a job in the USA without owning it.

But why is it so important?

For the government, it is important to link the citizen with the payment of taxes and the benefits received, such as social security and social security.

The SSN is popularly known for being the document most desired by immigrants and with a population of more than 48 million immigrants this number has become the symbol of the American dream.

So, what are you waiting for to make that dream come true? There is no mistake with this guide.

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