Success Story: Acqua Única


Founded in 1999, in the city of Serra Negra, in the interior of São Paulo, Acqua Única is a mineral water company that, over more than two decades, has been growing and becoming increasingly relevant.

Without forgetting its origins, the company still has a very important social work, whether supporting the city hospital or preserving the Serra Negra environment.

With all its growth and responsibility, it was time for Acqua Única to take the next step: selling in the United States.

The decision

With the decision to internationalize his company already taken, Alexandre, president of Acqua Única, began the search for ways to achieve this dream.

“I dismissed other companies because of the disparity in knowledge of the processes. While some gave me inaccurate information, with Red Consulting it was the opposite, always informing me in a detailed and secure way”

Among other companies that went through his research, Alexandre came to Red Consulting.

Custom design

After the initial consultancy phase, a new meeting was held with Alexandre.

This, in turn, was more focused on the profile of the entrepreneur and the objectives of Acqua Única in the United States in the short, medium and long term.

Why is this done? In this way we can trace a very clear path about actions and processes that will be essential for the company towards the Land of Uncle Sam.

The exporter’s text is an extremely important element in this stage, as it is through it that we can understand what the company’s dreams and desires are.

That way we are able to be as focused as possible on our support.

In addition, another point that we take into consideration at this stage is the identity of the company, as it is very important that the essence of it is not lost even in another country.

The differential

When it comes to mineral water in the USA, we have a very small variety of companies in the industry, the vast majority of which are imported, while the majority are only drinking water.

And this is precisely what sets Acqua Única apart and its flagship product, in addition to new products such as its flavored water.

Although it is not related to legal processes, it is very important to keep in mind what makes your product different from others.

Thus, the consolidation of the company in the United States is becoming increasingly faster.

For that, Red Consulting also does a thorough research work in order to map the consumer profile of the company and the market in general.

These market data will be of paramount importance to stabilize the company in the United States.

Today Acqua Única operates in the USA fully. And the entire Red Consulting team is very pleased and proud to have helped to realize this dream.

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