[2023] American credit card for Brazilians: step by step to get


Yes, it is possible to apply for an American credit card for Brazilians, even if you don’t have social security, which is the document equivalent to the CPF in Brazil.

The credit card is one of the main payment methods used by consumers all over the world, and in Brazil there are already almost 52 million users, with 78% of their purchases being made in installments through credit cards.

And those who want credit, wish they could have that famous American credit card for Brazilians.

And know that you can open an account in the USA, even if you live in Brazil

What is needed to apply for an American credit card for Brazilians?

american credit card for brazilians

You can apply for an American credit card for Brazilians even if you don’t live in the US, even if you don’t have social security.

The only requirement is to have an address there, which can be a HUB (physical address for several companies), like Qwintry’s for example. 

It is very important to have a checking account in an American bank, because it is the easiest way to pay your American credit card bill for Brazilians.

You can transfer money to this account for the purpose of paying your bill.

Which American credit card for Brazilians is easiest to get approved for?

The easiest card to apply for today is the Amex Blue Cash Everyday, in it has no need for a credit or capital check and is practically approved for everyone, but to apply for this card and get the approval is necessary to follow some steps.

Before you start it is worth noting that if you spend $ 1000 dollars in this card American credit card for Brazilians, the first 3 months you receive a credit of $ 200 on your bill, and this card has no annuity, neither for the holder, nor for additional cards. 

If you intend to make a purchase that costs 1000 dollars, for example, the same purchase may cost you 800 dollars instead of the regular 1000 dollars, if you are approved for this card.


  • First go to the official credit card page and click on the apply Now option;
  • When the form appears fill in all the information, and the social security field should be filled in as 999999990, that is, 8 numbers 9 and a number 0 at the end;
  • Mark it as Self-Employed, otherwise it may ask for a Tax Return for you;
  • Do not put accents on the form, and remember that the date of birth is reversed;
  •  Click “continue” and then “agree & submit application”.

At that point two things can happen, the first is that you are denied right away, and the second is that you are given an application number to call and confirm some data with AMEX. 

I received the application number, what should I do?

The first thing the attendant will ask you when you call is about your social security, because you have entered an alien identification number. 

You should tell the agent that you will use your passport as a form of identification to link your AMEX account, because you are a “NON-RESIDENT ALIEN”, and tell the agent that you understand.

After informing your passport number, the agent will tell you if your account has been approved or not, and if it has been approved what the initial limit is, which is usually around 3 to 5 thousand US dollars.

This will depend on the financial information you provided in the application form for your American credit card for Brazilians.

With that you will receive the Welcome Kit within 5 business days, and you will be able to use your American credit card for Brazilians, remembering that you will have 3 months to spend 1,000 dollars and receive the 200 dollars bonus.

Having a bank account is ideal for those who wish to live in the United States, for example.

[2023] American credit card for Brazilians: step by step to get 1

This is the easiest card to get in the United States, because it is a card with few benefits, but compared to Brazilian cards it wins by far.

There is no annuity, and it has a 2.5% rate for purchases made abroad, so if you use this card in other countries you will pay a 2.5% rate and a fair conversion of the dollar, which is already a great advance, and get rid of the 6.78% IOF.

Virtual American Credit Card

Virtual American credit cards are randomly generated card numbers that you can use to make purchases online. 

They have all the necessary parameters:

  • The card number,
  • Expiration date, 
  • CVV

And they are linked to your chip credit card, but do not reveal your real bank information when you shop online. 

The virtual US credit card will be similar to any other card. Although the VCC (virtual card verification code) is linked to your real credit card, it appears as an independent means of payment during the transaction. 

Most online vendors remember your account details, which makes it easy to make purchases without having to re-enter your data.

While this is very convenient, it leaves a huge room for fraud and theft. Virtual credit cards require you to provide card details every time you make a purchase, but in return you are 100% safe from hackers and fraudulent merchants

Your data remains unavailable to the merchant, making misuse of your data impossible.

How the virtual American credit card works.

VCCs are generated by an online application that creates a unique numeric code that serves as a payment method.

Unlike regular cards, the virtual American credit card is not reusable, so the data will not be saved. It will also not be available to the merchant after the purchase has been completed.

The communication between the bank and the merchant will verify the transaction, but your bank details will remain hidden.

Your account will be invisible, so the information you provide cannot be used for other purchases or transfers. 

Say you are making a purchase online and are ready to pay for your items with your virtual card instead of using standard account details, you will need to do the following:

  •  Open your bank’s app;
  • Generate a unique token (it will have a virtual card number and a security code);
  • Create an expiration date (some issuers will generate one for you);

Use these details to pay for the purchase, and check the payment details on your bank statement.

You should be aware that VCCs are only suitable for online and telephone purchases, and you cannot use them for personal purchases.

What is great about the virtual American credit card is that they allow you to set specific limits for online and phone purchases, so you can control how much and where you are spending. 

I hope this article has helped you, remembering that not all people who apply for the American credit card for Brazilians get approved, if yours is enjoy the benefits of the virtual American credit card as well.

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[2023] American credit card for Brazilians: step by step to get 1

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